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The objects and purposes of the Association are to foster the interests of those persons or companies engaged in the recycling of steel, iron, paper, non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, textiles and commodities of every nature and allied businesses and to conserve the natural resources of Canada by: promoting uniformity, certainty and ethical practices in the customs and usage of trade and commerce of its members; defining product standards and terminology; co-operating in research and development; acquiring, preserving and disseminating relevant data and information; encouraging the exchange of ideas for the common good and welfare of its members; providing for members voluntary dispute resolution mechanisms; and generally promoting and fostering a broad and friendly intercourse among businessmen and the public. The undersigned hereby applies for membership in the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, CARI, and agrees, if accepted by the Board of Directors, to pay all fees and dues and to abide by the by-laws, guiding principles and policies of CARI.

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Application Form

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