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Resources for CARI Members in British Columbia

The resources to the following topics address key issues of particular interest to members in British Columbia. Use these links to keep up-to-date on current regulations and recommended practices that affect your business.

If you have further questions about any topic, talk to your fellow members or contact CARI directly for assistance: [email protected]

Metal Theft

Businesses in BC that deal in high-value metals are required to register with the province.

Registered dealers and recyclers must record the details of their purchases, including the weight, type of metal, distinguishing marks on it, and where the sellers claim to have acquired it. These details must be reported to local police daily. Details of this policy are defined in:

CARI advocates that government should not make recyclers responsible for crime prevention. Our position on material theft policy is outlined here.

ELV Standards

Operators who plan to dismantle more than five vehicles per year must register with the Ministry of Environment.

The Automotive Recyclers Environmental Association (AREA) has published guidelines for dismantling end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) to assist recyclers in BC with ensuring compliance with provincial and industry standards:

The Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code (CAREC) was developed in 2008 for automotive recyclers.

Fire Safety

The Office of the Fire Commissioner administers the Fire Services Act, including provincial and national fire safety regulations. The BC Fire Code is based substantially on the model National Fire Code.

Online subscriptions and printed copies of the 2018 BC Fire Code are available on the British Columbia Codes website and at public libraries.
White paper: Reducing the risk of fires and explosions at recycling facilities

Employee Health & Labour Codes

In British Columbia, workplace safety is the responsibility of the WorksafeBC. The BC government provides assistance to employees and employers dealing with WorksafeBC through the offices of the Workers Advisers’ and the Employers’ Advisers.

Environmental Protection

BC’s Environmental Management Act governs the handling and transportation of hazardous waste, as well as prescribing protections for air, water and wildlife.

Any spill of material potentially hazardous to the environment must be reported to BC Spill Response at 1-800-663-3456.


Anyone who transports waste, including potentially hazardous material, is subject to both provincial and federal standards for vehicle safety and driver training.

Handling Special Materials

  • e-Waste:
    The Recycler Qualification Office of the Electronic Products Recycling Association sets standards and procedures for recyclers to operate as drop-off depots for end-of-life electronics.
  • Tire Recycling:Vehicle recyclers and dismantlers may register for the Tire Stewardship BC program by completing the TSBC application form for Scrap Tire Generators. By registering, your site becomes eligible for pickup service by BC’s authorized scrap tire processors.

    Some tire types, such as large off-the-road tires, are excluded from the BC Recycling Regulation because there is currently no viable recycling solution for these tires.

  • Large Appliances
    The Major Appliances Recycling Roundtable (MARR) is BC’s authorized stewardship program for large appliances. Recyclers may register to participate in the program, in compliance with MARR’s “Voluntary Processing Standard”.


    MARR participants are required to accept listed appliances without charge. Participants are also eligible to submit claims for financial support to compensate for the costs of recovering refrigerants.

  • Outdoor Power Equipment
    Recyclers processing outdoor power equipment should refer to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) for more information about what being a collection site entails and how to become one.

Measuring Occupational Noise

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