Chair’s Message – Canister Safety Brief


Dear Member, 

At CARI’s recent Annual Convention, I hosted a Town Hall Session focussing on yard safety alongside Claiborne Thornton, President of Industrial Environmental Consultants. Claiborne discussed human factors that can contribute to accidents and then we opened the floor to talk about issues participants had faced in their yards.

We learned that many of us are dealing with marijuana in the workplace, misuse of cellphones, and challenges with training new hires and creating a safety culture.

Participants also gave examples of incidents that happened at their yards that seemed impossible to anticipate or plan for, but that could happen at any of us.

We aim to share more of these real incidents to help keep safety top of mind. If you have a story to share, contact CARI staff at [email protected] or 1-613-728-6946.

Matthew Zubick
CARI Chair



At a member’s yard, this nitrogen bottle was sheared and became a projectile, travelling approximately 750ft and lodging in a neighbour’s facility.

There were no injuries reported, but this incident could have caused dire consequences for employees and local property.




  • Develop and enforce policies for handling potentially explosive vessels, including how to identify different types of gases
  • Provide employees with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Ensure employees are given adequate time to sort materials and identify hazards
  • Empty canisters and relieve all pressure before shearing or cutting
  • Create an action plan for dealing with fires and explosions



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