COVID-19 Manitoba

Who can continue to operate in Manitoba?

Recycling operations are captured under these essential service categories:

A business:

(a) that provides another business listed in this Schedule with goods or services necessary for the business to operate, including transportation and logistics management relating to those goods or services; or
(b) that supports or facilitates the two-way movement of essential goods within integrated North American and global supply chains

A business that manufactures or processes goods or materials, including a component manufacturer or a business that produces inputs used by another manufacturer

A business engaged in waste collection or recycling, waste and sewage treatment and disposal, the operation of a landfill or hazardous waste disposal

Provincial support for businesses

Provincial Tax Deferrals
The April and May filing deadlines for small and medium-sized businesses with monthly remittances of no more than $10,000 will be extended. The Minister noted that they will work with all sized businesses regarding flexible repayment options above the $10,000 cap. Further information regarding filing requirements will become available on the Manitoba Tax Publications page.

Temporary Exception to Employment Standards Regulations
Under current rules, employees who have been laid off for eight or more weeks in a 16-week period are deemed to have been terminated and are entitled to wages in lieu of notice. Effective immediately, any period of layoff occurring after March 1, 2020, will not be counted toward the period after which a temporary layoff would become a permanent termination.


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