THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 3, No. 9, September 2011

Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
Volume 3, No. 9, September 2011

Theft Protection for Mobile Equipment

Whether you own, rent or borrow equipment, one thing is certain: You must protect it.

Incidents of equipment losses from theft, vandalism, and other damages are rising. In some areas equipment theft is a daily occurrence.

Recommended Practices

The following list highlights some of the more important practices:

  • Remove keys from unattended machines, and lock them in security boxes when closed for business or finished for the day.
  • Clearly communicate instructions for locking equipment and buildings, and safeguarding keys, to reinforce the procedure of removing keys from equipment. A prominent sign or poster can be a powerful reminder.
  • If a single key will start several pieces of equipment from the same manufacturer, have your own ignition switch installed so no one else can drive off with your equipment.
  • Furnish all major pieces of equipment with alarm systems, immobilizers, and/or satellite location devices.
  • Protect every powered item that can be driven off. At the simplest level removing a critical fuse can be a deterrent. If possible do not rely on a single protection device or strategy, use two or more ways of locking and/or immobilizing to protect the equipment.
  • On smaller items where an immobilizing system is not practical, install another type of protection. Hidden “kill switches” make it more difficult to hotwire equipment and can be installed to immobilize the electrical, hydraulic or fuel system.
  • If parked for a longer term, take extra measures to immobilize equipment by removing the distributor, lowering the blade and buckets, or removing battery and electric starting systems. Remove or protect accessories prone to theft.
  • Install protective shields of plywood or metal on windows and gauges to reduce the possibility of vandalism. Check and document the condition of protective devices during maintenance inspections.
  • Engrave or etch serial numbers or other identifying characters on glass and on components to deter theft and enhance the chances of recovering stolen equipment.
  • Record manufacturers’ identification symbols and/or serial numbers for all components, not just the base machine.
  • Take photos of your equipment, including close ups.
  • Have written procedures and train employees to secure equipment. In some cases parking equipment in a specific way such as tail-to-tail, or with the buckets lowered to hug a compressor, can be added precaution. Lock up equipment every night. Make it mandatory and enforced.
  • Insist on specific procedures for operators to do a circle check inspection of equipment before it is started and to monitor equipment while it is first running to spot signs of vandalism before more serious damage occurs.

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September 7 – 9 Munich, Germany
10th International Stainless & Special Steel Summit
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16th International Congress for Battery Recycling

October 5 – 6 Orlando, FL
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October 23 – 25 Munich, Germany
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November 1- 4 Shanghai, China
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November 9 – 10 Chicago, IL
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November 9 – 10 Montreal, QC
Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo
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