THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 4, No. 12, December 2012

Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
Volume 4, No. 12, December 2012



Controlling Visitors on Your Site
We have all seen tragic news reports of a customer who is killed while visiting a scrap yard. Reducing risks to onsite visitors should be a part of every safety program. It is essential to know when customers and other guests are on your site, and to know where they are at all times. Visitors should be asked to sign in and out, and potential hazards should be brought to their attention.

Clear and visible signage is a simple method of managing outside guests. These signs should clearly indicate restrictions, directions, and safety requirements. Post a set of Visitor Rules at each entrance and ensure visitors sign in before gaining access to your site. Rules may include all or some of the following:

  • All visitors must sign in at front gate
  • Heavy equipment in use: Enter at own risk’
  • Closed toe shoes required
  • Hard hat, safety glasses and gloves required
  • Visitors must sign out and return all safety equipment issued
  • No smoking
  • Not responsible for vehicle damage

Signs should clearly direct visitors in vehicles to their designated parking and/or unloading area. If customers are unloading their own scrap, designate an area that is free from machinery or equipment and free of passing vehicles. If the area is clear for unloading, allow only the driver to exit the vehicle. If equipment must be brought to the customer unloading area to move material, direct customers to securely brake and park their vehicles and to wait in a designated safe area while the equipment is in use. Let the customers know you will advise them when it is safe to return to their vehicles. Limit the number of vehicles in the unloading area at one time, leaving adequate space between vehicles.

Visitors that leave their vehicles should be issued the personal protective equipment necessary for the areas they will access. Post signs indicating the PPE requirements for each visitor-accessed area, and highly visible signs indicating areas that are restricted. If visitors must walk through working areas of the site, mark off a safe route. Use barriers to separate the walking route if possible. Before the visitor leaves the site, retrieve any PPE and have them sign out.

These few steps might save a life.

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January 16–18; Salzburg, Austria
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