THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 4, No. 7, July 2012

Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
Volume 4, No. 7, July 2012



Fleet Management Basics
Part 3: The Driver, Continued
Driver Orientation

Companies should have a program that clearly explains the company’s policies standards, lines of communication, and procedures.

The foundation of this program should be a Driver’s Handbook, prefaced with a message from a senior manager. Update the handbook regularly. Have each driver sign and date their book once they have read it.
The following is a summary of topics you may wish to include in your handbook:

Message from the President
Introduction and Driver’s Code of Conduct
Vehicle Replacement

  • Delivery of New Vehicles
  • Used Vehicle Disposal

Repairs and Operating Expenses

  • New Vehicle Warranty
  • Repairs/Preventative Maintenance
  • Parking and Tolls
  • Traffic Violations
  • Reporting Expenses
  • Seatbelts
  • Tires
  • Plates and Vehicle License Renewals
  • Insurance

Use of Vehicles

  • Authorized Drivers
  • Personal Use Responsibilities


  • Key Steps
  • Reporting Accidents
  • Damage to Company Vehicles

Defensive Driving

  • Winter Driving
  • Common Driving Errors
  • Other Safety Tips

Collision Investigation

Collisions happen. But you can reduce the odds of a collusion and limit its severity by ensuring collisions are always properly reported. These reports allow you to analyze the circumstances under which collisions are happening to help prevent their re-occurrence.

The driver’s response at the time of a collision occurs can have a significant impact on the outcome if legal action is taken by an injured party. Providing the driver with a proper collision reporting form to fill out at the time of the collision is the best way to ensure both proper reporting and an appropriate driver response.
At the time of a collision a driver should follow this procedure:

  1. Stop immediately. Keep calm.
  2. Warn oncoming traffic.
  3. Help the injured. Do not render first aid unless trained. Call a doctor or ambulance if necessary.
  4. Do not argue, accuse anyone, or admit fault for the collision.
  5. Call the appropriate law enforcement agency (RCMP, Provincial or City Police).
  6. Collect the information outlined on the collision reporting form:
    * Details of other vehicle(s) and driver(s) including injuries and insurance information
    * Names and contact details of any witnesses
    * Names, contact information and injuries of any occupants in any vehicle involved in the collision
    * Details of what happened, including a sketch of the area/intersection involved

Carrying out these procedures will have a significant positive impact on your costs and safety record.
With commitment, forethought and planning, the risks and costs of managing your fleet of vehicles can be minimized. It is not only your responsibility to ensure safe operation of your vehicles, it is just good business.


B.C. Chapte’s Golf Tournament
July 18, 2012
at Richmond Country Club

CARI’s National Golf Tournament
August 16, 2012
at Heron Point Golf Links
in Alberton ON

Quebec Chapter’s Golf Tournament
September 12, 2012
at The Joliette Golf Club

CARI’s 15th Annual Consumers’ Night
October 15, 2012
at the Fairmont Royal York
in Toronto

For information on CARI events contact Donna Turner at (905) 426-9313


August 28–29 Austin, TX
Resource Recycling Conference
Resource Recycling

September 6–7 Shanghai, China
Resources Recycling Industry Exhibition

September 19–20 Dallas, TX
E-Scrap Conference

September 19–21 Shanghai, China
World Scrap Metal Conference

September 27–28 Amsterdam, Netherlands
2nd Annual SBB Steel Raw Materials Europe

September 12–14 Amsterdam, Netherlands
17th Annual International Congress for Battery Recycling

October 24–26 ; Victoria, B.C.
Coast Waste Management Association Anuual Conference

November 12–15 ; Toronto, ON
Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo
Messe Frankfurt

Novermber 13–16 Guangzhou, China
Electronics Recycling Asia


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