THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 5, No 7, July 2013

Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
Volume 5, No 7, July 2013


Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of workplace injury. Over 42,000 Canadian workers suffer this type of injury each year. Most of these incidents are slips and trips, but one third of these accidents are falls from a height.

Slips occur when a surface does not have adequate friction or footwear provides inadequate traction. Slip hazards include wet or oily surfaces, spills, snow and ice, and loose rugs or mats.

Trips are the result of a collision with an object that throws a person off balance. Objects left on floors, obstructed views, uneven walking surfaces, and poor lighting are all common trip hazards. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes, not paying attention and running can also cause a person to trip.

The easiest method to avoid slips and trips is to practice good housekeeping. Clean any spills immediately and mark all spills and wet areas. Sweep debris from floors and remove obstacles from walkways. Secure mats, rugs, carpets, and cables by tacking or taping them to the floor.

  • Slip and trip incidents can be further reduced by ensuring the following:
  • Avoid carrying a load you cannot see over
  • Wear appropriate footwear for the workplace
  • Walk—don’t run

Falls often result in the most severe injuries for this category of workplace accident, including death or disability. Falls occur from elevated surfaces such as a ladder, hydraulic lift, forklift, flatbed, the top of a load, stairs or a ramp. Mount and dismount these objects carefully by keeping three points of contact, and always maintain an adequate distance from the edge of an elevated surface.


CARI’s B.C. Chapter Golf Tournament
July 17, 2013
at Richmond Country Club
in Richmond, B.C.

CARI’s National Golf Tournament
August 22, 2013
at Glen Abbey Golf Course
in Oakville, ON

CARI’s 16th Annual Consumers’ Night
October 28, 2013
at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
in Toronto

For information on CARI events contact Donna Turner
at (905) 426-9313.


August 27–28 Louisville, KY
2013 Resource Recycling Conference
Resource Recycling Inc.

September 11–12 Orlando, FL
2013 E-Scrap Recycling Conference
Resource Recycling Inc.

October 2–4 Calgary, AB
2013 Waste Reduction Conference
Recycling Council of Alberta

October 27–29 Warsaw, Poland
2013 World Recycling Convention and Exhibition

November 13–15 ; Singapore
Electronics Recycling Asia 2013


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