THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 7, No. 1, February 2015


Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

Volume 7, No. 1, February 2015




During the winter months, freezing and changeable temperatures cause unpredictable road conditions. If you notice ice on your mirrors, windshield, or truck steps, ice has also accumulated on the road surface.

The best defense against the hazards of icy roads is to slow down. Look for signs of dark, reflective, or wet road surfaces; ice forms quickly on bridges, ramps and overpasses. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and be patient and cautious when passing other vehicles. Changing lanes too quickly can cause you to skid. Use signals to warn drivers of your intended actions and hazard lights to warn of other hazards on the road.

Black ice is more likely to form in shaded or sheltered areas of the roadway. If you hit a patch of black ice, do not to react by jerking the wheel. Continue steering smoothly and hold the steering wheel in its current direction. If you’re braking when you hit the ice, stop braking; if you’re accelerating, lift your foot off the throttle.

Ensure your vehicle has a winter survival kit, and carry a cell phone to call for assistance in an emergency. Include a first aid kit, a safety vest, flares, matches, a shovel, a traction mat, sandbags (for extra weight and traction), a flashlight and extra batteries, battery jumper cables, a spare tire, a wheel wrench, and a jack. If you become stranded, call for help and stay with your vehicle for safety and warmth.

Always check current weather and road conditions before travelling. Whenever possible, revise your travel schedule during perilous conditions. If avoiding hazardous conditions is not possible, allow yourself extra time for travel. If conditions become severe, get off the road.

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Registration for ISRI’s 2015 Convention and Expo is now open. ISRI is bringing the world’s largest scrap recycling industry convention and tradeshow to Canada for the first time and CARI is pleased to offer its members a registration discount for this great event. Members should contact us directly at 705-835-1592 or email [email protected] for the discount code.

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Ontario Chapter Meeting
March 25, 2015
Delta Meadowvale Hotel
6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga ON

CARI’S 74th Annual Convention
Delta St. John’s
St. John’s, Newfoundland
June 25–27, 2015

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MRAI Indian Metals Recycling Conference
February 5 & 6, 2015 Powai, India

OARA Trade Show & Convention
March 26-28 Toronto, ON

ISRI 2015 Convention & Expo
April 21-25 Vancouver, BC

BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition
May 17-20 Dubai, UAE

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