THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 8, No. 6, June 2016


Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

Volume 8, No. 6, June 2016



A fleet safety policy can help your business abide by transportation requirements set out by the National Safety Code and the Highway Traffic Act. In order to maintain your Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR), prevent disruptions to business, and avoid potential fines for non-compliance, it is important to consider what provincial and federal requirements apply to your fleet.

The CVOR operator (carrier) is the person responsible for the operation of the vehicle, which includes all drivers and vehicles in their operation including:

  • The conduct of the driver
  • The mechanical safety of the vehicle
  • The shipping of goods or passengers in the vehicle
  • Keeping records on file
  • Ensuring your CVOR does not expire
  • Notifying the Ministry of Transportation of any pertinent changes to names, addresses, fleet data, or changes to corporate officers (among other things)

National Safety Codes:

Cargo Securement (National Safety Code Std. 10)

Vehicles carrying waste, shredded scrap metal, or materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag and sale (where no particle is larger than 3.8 cm. (1.5 in.), must be covered with a tarp, canvas, or net.

Prior to departure, the driver should ensure that the load and all movable vehicle parts are adequately covered and secured. Periodic inspection and adjustments should be made throughout the trip, as is necessary to maintain the security of the load. Ensure the time of each inspection is recorded on the time sheet or daily log.

Trip Inspection Reports (National Safety Code Std. 13)

The purpose of the daily vehicle trip inspection is to identify vehicle problems and defects, and to prevent the operation of vehicles with conditions that might cause or contribute to a collision or vehicle breakdown. Commercial motor vehicles registered for or weighing 4,501 kg (9,920 lb) must carry a current trip inspection report for that vehicle or trailers and drivers must produce the report upon request.

Take the appropriate time to ensure the inspection is completed and documented properly. Violations incurred during roadside inspections might negatively reflect on the company CVOR registration or the CVOR driver abstract.

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75th Annual Convention
June 9-11
Ottawa, Ontario

CARI’S Annual Golf Tournament
Beverly Golf & Country Club
August 18, 2016

CARI’s Consumers’ Night
King Edward Hotel, Toronto
October 17, 2016

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BIR World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions)
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
October 24-25, 2016

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