THE PROMPT Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 8, No. 9, PROMPT 2016


Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

Volume 8, No. 9, September 2016



With dangerous incidents such as fires and explosions being unfortunately common in the recycling industry, it is essential to practice the best health and safety possible at your business. A worker injury not only impacts that worker’s (and their family’s) life, it can seriously impact your bottom line as a business owner.

Direct costs associated with workplace injuries include medical expenses, replacement of broken equipment, hiring/retraining new staff if the injured party needs to take an extended leave to heal, and even legal costs – from lawyers fees to fines. If you would like an idea of how much an accident can cost, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services hosts an online tool, the Health & Safety Calculator that can be used to create accident cost estimates. Even a brief scan of the possible cost categories associated with an accident reveals that proper safety planning and training is an investment in your business – not an expense.

The best way to protect your business and your employees is to create a safety culture in your workplace; safety should be a top priority. Health and safety procedures should be carefully tailored to the needs of your business, to the materials you handle, and to the unique layout of your yard. It is also important to assess what particular regulations will affect your business depending on your region.

CARI created a Health and Safety Manual that is tailored to the recycling industry, which is free to members. It is located in the Members Area of CARI’s website. If you would like to set up a password to access this area of the site, contact Marie at [email protected], or 613-728-6946.

If you have questions about property, casualty, or fleet insurance, contact Cowan Insurance here. Agro Insurance can provide information about group health benefits and employee insurance, here.

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CARI’s 19th Consumers’ Night

King Edward Hotel, Toronto
October 17, 2016

*Hotel block will be released on September 23*

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Kripke Enterprises, Inc. is in the market for the following aluminum scrap:

1. Clean and dirty 356 wheels
2. Trucks Wheels
3. 6063 bare or painted
4. 5052 with poly
5. 3003 bare or painted
6. 2024 & 705   

Andy Golding
Vice President Sale and Marketing
2351 Hill Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43607
Direct: 419-469-3405 IPhone: 419-356-3636
President Northern Ohio Chapter ISRI

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BIR World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions)
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
October 24-25, 2016

ISRI Northern Ohio & Pittsburgh
Vendor Expo & Management Seminar
Wednesday, October 26, Hermitage, PA
*For ISRI members only*

Waste and Recycling Expo
November 9-10
Toronto, ON
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