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Vol. 25, Issue 8, August 2020

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What does CARI do?Lobbying for the scrap industry is the most important work CARI does. Sometimes this means helping members deal with laws and regulations that are already in place.The IssueA member company reached out for help after the City of Winnipeg updated the Modified Used Goods Dealers Bylaw. The Bylaw categorizes scrap yards among other “Used Goods Dealers” despite the fact that they are very different from pawnshops. Among other conditions, the Bylaw requires scrap yards to:1) Record “the serial number, make, model number and manufacturer’s name of any manufactured used goods acquired” and “a detailed statement of any writing, engraving and other distinctive marks.”2) Provide “regular reporting of activities to the Winnipeg Police Service.”Anyone working in a scrap yard will understand why these requirements aren’t reasonable.How CARI helpedCARI’s President wrote a formal letter for our member, to the City of Winnipeg explaining why the Bylaws aren’t feasible and how they could be changed. The letter also urges city officials to use definitions that are favourable to our industry, and that are already used in other provinces.CARI staff frequently helps members with issues like this. CARI’s Board of Directors is also here to help. We are representatives from across Canada and the U.S., with a wide range of expertise and industry knowledge.If you are dealing with a particular issue, there is a good chance that someone else in our industry is too. Call us with your questions. 1-613-728-6946.Kevin Santoro 
CARI Chair
ALBERTA METAL THEFT REGULATION COMES INTO FORCE SEPTEMBER 1A portion of the Scrap Metal Dealers and Recyclers Regulation comes into force in Alberta on September 1, 2020.  A second portion of the regulations comes into force on November 1, 2020.These regulations fall under the Scrap Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act.  We advise you to review the regulations to ensure your business is compliant.Key Points for Each Phase: September 1: Sellers of restricted metal and metal materials are required to provide government-issued photo IDDealers are required to record the seller’s ID information and details of the transaction November 1: Dealers are required to report restricted metal and metal materials transactions to law enforcementAll payments to be made using traceable forms of currency (no cash)NEW ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE FOR OVERSEAS SUPPLIERS OF RAW MATERIALS TO CHINAThe China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch (CMRA) has initiated a certification program for overseas suppliers of recycled brass, copper, and aluminum. This program does not replace AQSIQ licenses for “solid waste” imports; it is an accreditation program for the upcoming “recycled raw materials” category, the details of which have yet to be announced.Companies have until September 11, 2020 to apply to CMRA for the Qualification Accreditation of Overseas Suppliers of Recycling Copper and Aluminum Raw Materials. Certificates will be issued once a year.The application form is available in English here.CARI is monitoring the developments around China’s new recycled raw materials standards and will continue to update members as information comes available.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITYA CARI member company in Saskatoon is looking for spent catalyst suppliers in North America: Spent catalyst of V, Mo, Ni, Cu, Co, Zn. Processed / unprocessed, hazardous / non hazardous, Basel Notified.Interested parties can contact Preeti Pereira at RBK International Canada Limited.
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[email protected]FAST FACTSThe British Columbia Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy has approved OPEI Canada’s Extended Producer Responsibility Plan for Battery/Electric Outdoor Power Equipment. Read the stewardship plan and approval letter hereNow is the time to find ways to connect and network online.Join CARI on social media.

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