THE PULSE Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Vol. 21, Issue 7, July 2016



Vol. 21, Issue 7, July 2016



In last month’s issue of the Pulse I wrote that one of my goals was to continue my work on metal theft. All too often conversations focus on stolen materials coming into our yards, when many of us have heard of local scrap yards being targeted by thieves, or have had materials stolen from our own businesses.  

In the last six months, CARI staff has received reports about thefts at Canadian yards. Members have also contacted us to report thefts on behalf of telecommunications companies. Though CARI staff is happy to send out region-specific email blasts about thefts members should be making use of a valuable online tool in these instances –

CARI partnered with ISRI (the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) years ago to create the website, which is an online alert system used to report and track stolen materials. I encourage each one of you to complete the free registration, and begin receiving alert emails.

For those of you who’ve never used the service, site administrators collect information you input and distribute it to users via email, based on the radius of your choosing. To create an alert, you must have filed a police report, have contact information for the police department, or officer who is handling your case, and at least a general description of the missing material. The site allows you to upload photos, and you can enter the dollar value of the stolen materials. CARI staff will gladly submit information to the website to create an alert, on your behalf, if you provide them with details.

For scrap dealers, receiving alerts is incredibly valuable. It helps prevent stolen materials from entering your yards, and it can help you provide information to local law enforcement, should they visit your businesses. The website demonstrates recyclers are doing their part to combat theft, as well. Police officers and other stakeholders should be encouraged to visit the site and sign up for alerts.  

Please get in touch with CARI staff if you have questions about, or if you have information about a theft.  
Dan Klufas,
CARI Chair

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Nova Scotia has begun industry consultations on replacing guidelines for salvage yards. The attached document outlines proposed changes to the environmental requirements for automotive recyclers and salvage facilities in the province. Comments must be submitted by September 15, 2016. Contact CARI staff with any questions or concerns.

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  • Along with 45 other global associations, CARI has signed a letter to Chinese officials urging for leadership to end Environmental Good Agreement (EGA) negotiations this year. Under the World Trade Organization (WDO), the EGA would “eliminate tariffs on a broad range of environmental goods and technologies.” CARI has followed EGA negotiations since they first began in July 2014. A concluded agreement could boost innovation and improve environmental outcomes for countries across the globe.
  • The Secretary General of European recycling body EuRIC has once again called for “pull measures” to be included in circular economy legislation, during a recent metal recycling event in the UK. Emmanuel Katrakis argued that “pull measures” would stimulate the demand for recycling by incentivizing manufacturers’ use of recycled materials in the production of goods. Other industry experts in attendance echoed Katrakis’s call for legislating such measures.
  • Matalco Inc.’s remelting and casting plant has officially opened in Lordstown, Ohio. The secondary aluminum plant produces aluminum billets from scrap. Matalco aims to become the largest producer of high-quality secondary billet in North America. Once the Lordstown plant is producing at full capacity, the combined production capacity of the company’s three facilities will exceed 700 million pounds.

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