COVID-19 British Columbia

Who can currently operate in B.C.?

Any business that has not been ordered to close may stay open if it can adapt its services and workplace to the orders and recommendations of the Provincial Health Officer (1-2 metres social distancing for customers, increased sanitation, and no gatherings of over 50 people).

Recycling operations are deemed essential under the following categories:

  • Infrastructure, drilling and production, refineries, processing, completion facilities, utilities, transportation, transmission, stations and storage facilities critical in supporting daily essential electricity needs, drinking water, waste water, electricity (including associated infrastructure), steam, alternative energy production, waste and hazardous management, industrial recycling, oil and natural and propane gas, fuel and other fuel sources, such as heating oil and wood pellets
  • Waste (garbage and organics) and recycling collection, processing and disposal

Provincial support for businesses

Provincial Tax Relief
School Property Taxes for commercial properties have been reduced by 50% for the 2020 tax year. Tax Payments for Businesses have been deferred to September 30,2029.

WorkSafe BC has deferred premium payment deadlines for employers who report and pay on a quarterly basis until June 30, 2020.

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