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Metal Theft

Manitoba currently has no legal requirements for recycling businesses regarding the collection of information on purchased materials. CARI is, however, watching carefully as the province considers new rules for source identification and data retention.

Scrap metal dealers operating in the City of Winnipeg are required to collect and store personal and transactional information as per the Modified Used Goods Dealers Bylaw No. 91/2008.

We continue to advocate that recyclers should not be responsible for crime prevention. CARI’s position on material theft policy is outlined here.

ELV Standards

Recycling and Waste Reduction: A Discussion Paper (2014) highlights needs for enhanced end-of-life vehicle management.

The Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code (CAREC) was developed in 2008 for automotive recyclers.

Fire Safety

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has published fire safety codes and regulations for all Manitoba workplaces:

Employee Health & Labour Codes

These links provide current information on worker’s rights and safety standards:

Environmental Protection

Municipal and industrial requirements for Environmental Approvals in Manitoba (Presently not active).


Anyone who transports waste, including potentially hazardous material, is subject to both provincial and federal standards for vehicle safety and driver training. Key guidelines for operators include:

Handling Special Materials

  • e-Waste:Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) manages a government-approved program to collect and recycle electronic waste responsibly.
    Recycle My Electronics
  • Tire Recycling:TSM has had its tire stewardship program approved by Manitoba Conservation in accordance with The Tire Stewardship Regulation, 2006.

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