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Vol. 24, Issue 9, September 2019


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To change the game, let’s change the language

One of CARI’s longstanding and fundamental objectives was touched upon in the mainstream media recently when Fortune magazine published an article with the following headline: The World’s Plastic Crisis Needs a New Vocabulary.

The item was a report on a panel talk convened in early September at Fortune’s Global Sustainability Forum in Yunnan, China. The panellist agreed on “the need for a fundamental shift in the ways we talk about the plastic waste problem, like no longer describing post-use plastic as ‘waste’ or calling plastic purchasers ‘consumers’,” said the report.

Of course, we couldn’t agree more, and the need for new vocabulary certainly applies to all recyclable materials in the global marketplace.

Here in Canada, the issue stems all the way back to the Federal Government, where Industry Canada still does not classify recycling as an industry, but rather as an “activity” of the waste industry. CARI has long promoted changing the language surrounding the recycling industry in an effort to better educate legislators and the public about its value. This position is included in two of our core values: “recycled materials are not waste” and “recycling is the industry of sustainable development.”

The words we choose are an incredibly important factor in determining our perceptions of things. At CARI, we continue to encourage and pursue the long-overdue vocabulary changes that can substantially modernize the perceptions of our industry.

Matthew Zubick
CARI Chair


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22nd Annual CARI Consumers’ Night

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Monday, October 21
The OMNI King Edward Hotel
Toronto, Ontario
6 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Join us for CARI’s premier networking event of the year! Our 22nd Annual Consumers’ Night is the perfect opportunity to meet with consumer company representatives, CARI staff, board members, and a wide range of CARI members from across Canada and the United States.

NOTE: Because Consumers Night falls on the same day as the 2019 Canadian federal election, attendees may wish to vote in the advanced polls.


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Merger leads to Quantum Lifecycle Partners

GEEP Canada and The Shift Group of Companies (Shift Recycling and Revolution) have merged to form Quantum Lifecycle Partners, a vertically integrated electronics recycler and ITAD services provider. The official launch will take place on October 1, 2019.

Quantum Lifecycle will operate eight facilities in four provinces across Canada with more than 400 employees. All certifications held by GEEP, Shift, or Revolution are in place and will be transferred to Quantum post-merger.

The merger has no impact on GEEP USA and GEEP Costa Rica, which are separate companies.

For details and updates, visit

Davis Trading celebrates Sierra Club B.C.’s 50th year

Earlier this month, CARI member Davis Trading hosted a gala dinner in celebration of the Sierra Club B.C.’s 50th anniversary. The evening was a great success.

“We strongly believe it is important for like-minded organizations who operate for the pursuit of a cleaner environment to support one another to achieve their respective goals,” said Gabe Davis.


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International hazardous waste ban now fully ratified

The Basel Convention’s Ban Amendment is now fully ratified. The ban prohibits the export of hazardous wastes for “final disposal” as well as recovery (including recycling and energy recovery).

The ratification affects exports from “Annex VII” countries which may not be implementing prohibitions, including Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey and the United States.


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The Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group (publishers of Canadian Shipper and Inside Logistics magazines) has launched its annual Transportation Buying Trends Survey.

Conducted in partnership with the Freight Management Association of Canada and CITT, the survey is designed to gather insights on transportation service buying trends and benchmarks across North America.

All survey responses remain fully confidential and all participants will receive a comprehensive results report. To take part in the survey, click here.


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BC Chapter Fall Meeting — Lions Game

Friday, October 18
BC Place, Vancouver
For details contact BC Chapter President Kym Neutel
[email protected]

Give us a call on (613) 728-6946

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