Trade and Advocacy update: US 232 aluminum tariffs

Scrap aluminum included on list of potential countermeasures to U.S. tariffs

Scrap aluminum (7602.00.00 – Aluminum waste and scrap) is on the list of potential products targeted for retaliatory tariffs against the reinstated U.S. 232 aluminum tariffs. The Canadian government is currently accepting comments on proposed countermeasures.

CARI is preparing comments to submit on the issue. Contact Tracy Shaw (613-728-6946) directly with any concerns you would like CARI to address.

You can also submit comments of your own:

Companies that want to submit comments must do so by email to [email protected] by September 6, 2020 and include the term “Aluminum countermeasures” in the subject line.

Comments must contain the following:

  1. Canadian company/industry association name and contact person
  2. Relevant eight-digit tariff item(s) and description of the goods of particular interest
  3. Reasons for the expressed support for, or concern with, the proposed countermeasures, including detailed information substantiating any expected beneficial or adverse impact
  4. Please identify if information provided in the submissions is commercially sensitive

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