THE PULSE Newsletter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries Volume 20, No. 1. January 2015



VOLUME 20, No. 1, January 2015





At this time of year we tend to set goals for the year and cutting costs is a common goal to most of us. One of CARI’s priorities is to provide members with cost-saving services and programs. These programs and services are meant to make doing business easier and more economical.

Last year 34 CARI members took advantage of group Health Benefits Insurance rates with Agro Insurance and 49 are currently benefiting from CARI’s group rates for Property and Casualty Insurance with Cowan Insurance. Both of these programs offer reduced rates for CARI members, and are administrated by people who know and understand our industry.

Eight CARI members purchased from NASCO-OP and will receive a 1.4% dividend from the purchasing co-operative further reducing the costs of their purchases. Membership in NASCO-OP, the recycling industry’s purchasing cooperative, is available for free to CARI members.

Many members are already participating in cost-cutting services that save their company time and money, but the more CARI members that participate in these programs, the greater the savings to members.

CARI is also looking for new ways we can improve the services we offer. In the coming year we will begin reviewing our member services to see which programs are benefiting members the most, and which new services or programs members would like us to offer.

If there is a cost-saving service you want CARI to provide, let us know. Facilitating your ability to do business is of utmost importance to us.

Adam Chisick,
CARI Chair

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Registration for ISRI’s 2015 Convention and Expo is now open. ISRI is bringing the world’s largest scrap recycling industry convention and tradeshow to Canada for the first time and CARI is pleased to offer its members a registration discount for this great event. Members should contact us directly at 705-835-1592 or email [email protected] for the discount code.

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  • The Government of Ontario has stated a renewed commitment to waste reduction legislation, which will include Extended Producer Responsibility programs. On Feb. 5-6, 2015, the Recycling Council of Ontario will host a two-day event to discuss the role of EPR and stewardship programs in Ontario, “Progressing EPR in Ontario: Moving Toward a Circular Economy,” that will feature local and international experts.
  • The Switch Out mercury switch removal program has reached a milestone of 500,000 switches collected since the program began in 2008. Many CARI members have been participants of the program since it began and continue to contribute to its success.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the waste and recycling industry increased by 8,700 in 2014. The industry has grown jobs by nearly 10% since January 2010, to a total of 383,300.
  • Last month the government of Saskatchewan announced exemptions to its Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship. Small businesses with gross revenue of less than $2 million are exempt, and the government offered a two-year transitional exemption for businesses with revenue between $2 and $5 million and all larger newspapers. According to Multi-Material Stewardship Western, these exemptions will reduce the number of businesses required to pay stewardship fees from more than 370 to 200.

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